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Can CBD really help you sleep?

Our customers love the DREAM CBD mints we make, but we wanted to spend some time talking about the relationship between CBD and sleep. 

Why we can't sleep

Sleep eludes many of us but we all need to catch some winks to stay healthy. If you have trouble sleeping, you aren't alone. Consumer Reports found that 27 percent of Americans surveyed had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep most nights, while 68 said they have trouble sleeping at least one night a week. People listed everything from long work hours, screen time, caffeine consumption, stress, anxiety, and physical discomfort all as reason they can't count as many sheep as they would like. 

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How can CBD help? 

Your endocannabinoid system helps regulate all manner of biological functions, such as sleep, mood, and appetite. So any CBD and other cannabinoids that you consume can affect those functions. While more research is constantly in the works, early studies have shown that CBD not only can help regulate sleep, but also helps address some of the underlying causes of sleep issues, like anxiety and stress. 

Why are CBD mints the best option?

There are so many ways to take CBD that it can be overwhelming to wade through all the options, but we are here to help. Mints are the most effective CBD edible because they can dissolve them under your tongue to get a quick onset sublingually.

Our mints are also made with a traditional recipe that doesn't require any cooking, just a lot of mixing, kneading and rolling of dough. In other edibles, and in some tinctures, the ingredients and the CBD have to be exposed to heat that could damage the CBD or other cannabinoids present. This means you risk not getting the "entourage effect" that many people find so helpful with CBD. 

What customers say about Mr. Moxey's and their sleep (actual reviews!)

"If you’re having problems falling asleep I highly recommend these.  I’ve finally found something that helps me sleep through the night and wake up clearheaded."
Great for sleep
"I have been using these for sleep on work nights to help quiet my brain so I can rest. I feel rested, without a morning "hangover" that comes with sleep aids. I'm actually purchasing the "Dream" mints because I imagine they'll be even better!"
Rest FULL Sleep
"amazing, this will become a staple on my bedside table. just 1 tablet helps me sleep the entire night, with out interruption. The plus side, is not waking up groggy. by far the best CBD nightcap for my lifesyle, thank you for making quality products."
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