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Why Use CBD Mints Over Other CBD Products?

Why should you eat CBD mints over other CBD products? Read this guide to learn about the benefits of CBD mints. 

According to a 2017 survey, nearly one-half of people who use CBD products have stopped taking traditional medication.

Moreover, if you're interested in experimenting with CBD, there are a variety of ways to do it. However, in this article, we'll be discussing why CBD mints are a great way to get in the CBD oil without any side effects.

If you're new to CBD, you might want to consider purchasing CBD mints first. You might want to expand to other types of CBD once you've used it for a while.

Our CBD Mints Don't Contain THC

Much of the worry and misconception surrounding using cannabis comes from the fact that marijuana plants contain THC. THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol, which is what causes the "high" feeling that people get when they smoke pot.

However, THC isn't typically in CBD oil or CBD products unless expressly stated. If you're not looking to get high and want the benefits of CBD, CBD mints are the perfect place to begin.

CBD Edibles Last Longer in Your System

CBD edibles can act quickly or take up to an hour to start working. That depends on how you eat them. For example, a cake or cookie may take a while for you to start feeling the effects. That is because you have to digest it before it goes into your bloodstream and you begin to get relief from pain.

Candies and other edibles that you have to suck to get pure CBD will take effect almost immediately.

However, either way, edibles, like mints, are longer lasting than most other CBD products. That means that you don't need to keep munching on them throughout the day to get the benefit.

CBD Mints are Safer Than Smoking CBD

One way to take CBD is to smoke or vape it. Smoking and vaping marijuana or hemp CBD are much better for you than smoking tobacco for a variety of reasons. However, no matter which way you slice it, you're still smoking. Because of this, you're again exposing your lungs to smoke, which can have negative and harmful consequences on your body.

While we don't precisely know the long-term consequences of vaping yet, it is probably not as healthy as merely eating the CBD oil.

Vaping and smoking CBD isn't very long lasting, which is why CBD mints are preferable for those who need the effects to last a while.

They Make Your Breath Smell Great

Mint is in almost every oral hygiene product. From toothpaste to breath mints to floss, mint helps breath that doesn't offend people.

CBD mints are no exception to the rule. The mint can help you keep your mouth smelling fresh in between brushing. You can have some after a meal to ensure that your mouth doesn't offend anyone, which comes in handy after work lunch meetings.

Plus, you'll get the added benefit of CBD and helping you ease your pain or other ailments. That makes CBD mints necessary to carry around in your bag!

Mint Can Help with Nausea

If you're feeling nauseated, many people suggest that you take mint essential oils or chew on mint leaves. CBD oil can also help combat nausea, primarily if caused by a medication or a side effect of other medical therapy. Combining both is literally the best of both worlds.

Individuals who struggle with digestive disorders that may make them feel nauseated and unable to eat may find that a CBD mint can help increase their appetite. For some people, increasing their appetite is vital to keep them healthy.

Mint Helps with Colds and Sinus Issues

Many people recommend eating or drinking mint flavored items to help with sinus issues or cold symptoms. CBD oil in itself can also help with these issues, and taking them in mint can double the effect. That makes CBD mints a must-have for anyone who wants to be prepared for the winter cold and flu season.

Mint Can Help with Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Many people suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and many of these individuals use either mint or CBD oil to help both keep them regular and help any pain that comes with it to subside.

Mint has been studied in contrast with placebos to see how much it helps individuals who have IBS. In a study, it found that mint helped with digestion and some of the other unpleasant symptoms that come with IBS. It performed better than a placebo, meaning that there is evidence that it can help.

As such, to combine the two can only help you and your IBS symptoms. While using them may not cure you of your problems, having them together will help ease some of the more unpleasant symptoms of IBS and can make your day easier.

Are CBD Mints Right For Me?

CBD mints may not be able to take the place of regular medication for everyone, but many people have seen an improvement using CBD oil. CBD oil comes in a variety of ways to consume it, and many people find that eating it is their preferred method. CBD as an ingredient in mint candy form may be the best way for you to consume them.

CBD oil with THC is legal in most states, but it is a good idea to check out your state's policies before joining the party. However, with more and more individuals singing the praises of it, it is only a matter of time before it's legal the world over.


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