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Our Story

We founded Mr. Moxey’s in 2015 with a simple goal - to make cannabis approachable. As one of the original edibles, our first mints rolled off the press in the cannabis-pioneering states of Washington and Colorado at the dawn of state legalization. Since then, we have expanded to several other states, sold over 50 million cannabis mints, and have now brought our experience and commitment to quality to the federally legal hemp market nationwide. 

At the outset and along this journey, we set clear goals for the brand and our company. 

First, we wanted to deliver a trustworthy experience with edibles. Prior to legalization, cannabis edibles were the great unknown. Consumers didn’t know what was in the products or at what dose. Mr. Moxey’s has a decade of experience creating products for the highly-regulated cannabis industry. We use only the highest quality ingredients and produce each mint through a standardized, repeatable process. 

Other online brands often started online and outside the mandatory regulations. We have always followed in traditional recreational adult-use markets. They do not have our experience, or frankly, the commitment to quality and transparency. All of our products are lab tested with the results for each batch posted here

With Mr. Moxey’s, you are in control of your cannabis experience. Every serving offers an approachable dose. 

If you’re a first-time cannabis user, start with one. As your experience grows, increase the dose. At 2.5 mg of THC per mint, it’s just enough to make you feel a little bit better, but not enough to make you feel bad about it later.

Second, we understand that people are looking for a variety of outcomes when they consume cannabis. Some desire an elevated, focused mind, while others seek help with sleep, anxiety, or a natural form of pain relief. Where other brands often focus on the maximum high, Mr. Moxey’s offers a mint tailored for every mood. 

Over the past decade, as the science behind cannabis has become more robust, we have expanded our lineup to combine THC with complementary minor cannabinoids in thoughtful ratios. You’ll find each of our handmade mints doesn’t just have THC but also CBD (Balance/Relax/Zen), CBN (Dream), CBG (Relief) or CBC (Energize). This allows our customers to adapt their experience to their need of the moment.

Finally, we recognize that many users seek an alternative to conspicuous consumption, such as smoking. While they may want to take their product on a hike or to a yoga class, they’re not looking to broadcast that to the world. And what’s more portable and discreet than a tin of mints?

So, thank you for joining us on our journey. And please remember to always mint responsibly.

Good Day to You, 

The Mr. Moxey’s Team

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