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On the Topic of Topicals

While most people know us for our iconic mints, the Mr. Moxey's salves are the perfect topical for when you need to attend to sore muscles or dry skin. 

All of our salves are made in partnership with Whidbey Island Natural, a small family-owned business specializing in making luxury bath and skincare products. They bring years of expertise in handmade, small batch botanicals using the best ingredients. 

We recommend our MUSCLE RELIEF Salve for localized pain that you can directly apply the salve to. The rich blend of botanicals and essential oils set in immediately to provide relief which is then followed by our CBD infusion as it is absorbed into the skin through the salve. 

Camphor oil features prominently in our MUSCLE RELIEF Salve for its anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. This can be helpful both on the surface of the skin but also in addressing underlying discomfort.

Tea Tree oil is another ingredient selected for its antibacterial benefits, along with documented antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Menthol has been included as a counterirritant to provide immediate cooling to wherever you apply the salve and then warming it for added relief. 

Along with 16 other botanicals and essential oils, our MUSCLE RELIEF Salve provides soothing comfort and support to tired or strained muscles. 


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