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How You Can Help in the Season of Giving

Mr Moxey’s was founded on the belief that Cannabis is more than a plant. Cannabis is a community. With this in mind, we have made it our mission to uplift those in our community that need help. Over the last 5 years, Mr. Moxey’s has raised over $20,000 for local causes supporting people in need. In the spirit of bolstering this impact during the holiday season, we are unveiling the 2021 edition of our annual Holiday Giving Mint. 

This year, we are partnering with Cannabis for Black Lives. 

“Born out of Cannaclusive, Cannabis for Black Lives (CfBL) is a coalition of cannabis companies galvanizing the broader industry to support Black led organizations and communities through a commitment to corporate hiring & company culture, amplification of Black voices, and financial support with ongoing accountability measures. We welcome companies of all sizes, geographies, and corners of the industry to join in order to make a greater impact together.”

We invite you to join us in donating to this cause through two different ways:

  1. You can make a direct donation to Cannabis for Black Lives by visiting their website.
  2. You can purchase one of our Holiday Giving Mints, and we will donate $1 for every tin sold. The Holiday Giving Mint is available for purchase online and in participating dispensaries across Washington, Oregon, and Massachusetts.

The entire Mr. Moxey’s Team is thankful for your valuable contribution toward Cannabis for Black Lives. We wish you and your loved ones happiness this holiday season!

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