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A mint for every mood

Mr. Moxey’s Moodstates

Dream Lavender Mints

Let the Day Drift Away


A delicate blend of lavender, passion flower, and valerian root to help the longest days to drift away into a dream.

Relief Lemon Ginger Mints

Add Ease to Exploration


A soothing blend of ginger, chamomile, and lemongrass offers a helping hand to explore the world and ease the day.

Zen Peppermint Mints

Discover the World Within


An elegant blend of peppermint, damiana, and lemon verbena to activate your intuition.

Relax Cinnamon Mints

Wind Down Wonderfully Well


A unique blend of cinnamon, hops flowers, and linden blossom provides a delectable solution for slowing down.

Energize Peppermint Mints

Find a Dash of Panache


A stimulating blend of peppermint, rosemary, and green tea for a pep in your step.

Balance Peppermint Mints

Enter Equilibrium Effortlessly


A harmonious blend of peppermint, holy basil, and lemon verbena to help center your mind and uplift your spirits.
A mint for every mood
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Autumn Relieves

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