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Who is Mr. Moxey?

Mr. Moxey, more often know as Tim, is an English entrepreneur who has made his home in Seattle. He believes that a legal framework where cannabis is regulated and taxed (a bit like alcohol) is a better answer than prohibition. If you want to learn more about him then click here.

What are Mr. Moxey’s Mints?

Mr. Moxey’s Mints are microdosed CBD-infused mints that are combined with carefully-selected herbs such as echinacea, ginkgo and Siberian ginseng to create a variety of mood states. Looking to feel relaxed? Try our Indian gooseberry-infused mint. Need to get some focus? Our ginkgo mint will help promote clarity.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, has a host of wellness properties. It’s found in a number of plants, but it’s most abundant in hemp and cannabis.

Did you say cannabis?

Yup, cannabis. CBD is one of its compounds, but not the one that gets you high – that’s THC. THC is currently illegal to sell or produce in non-legal states. CBD, on the other hand, can be purchased on the high street and is rapidly becoming a popular supplement.

What is CBD used for?

If you read the news, you’ll see that people say it helps them manage pain, anxiety, sleep issues, and a variety of daily stresses. There is not yet an exhaustive study of the effects of CBD. Regardless, it has become hugely popular as a food supplement as people tell their friends how it’s worked for them.

How are Mr. Moxey’s different?

The most common way to take CBD oil is via a tincture that is dropped under the tongue. That’s all a bit medicinal for us and it doesn’t taste very good. Good news: not only are our mints easier to consume, they make your breath minty too.

What varieties do the mints come in?

Our blend for the CBD market is designed to soothe and centre. The mints contain Indian gooseberry to support rejuvenation and echinacea to boost your immune system, and each mint has 5mg of CBD. Look out for new blends as we add to the range over the next few months.

Don’t you have any with THC?

In the US, we have a range of mints that have varying levels of CBD and THC. All of our THC-based mints focus on microdosing, which means that you could give one to your mum and be confident that she’d find it relaxing, but not overwhelming. To explore our cannabis THC mints, please click here.
To learn more about where cannabis legalisation is at in the US, please click here.

Can I take Mr. Moxey’s Mints before driving? What about before an important meeting?

Yes, Mr. Moxey’s CBD-only mints don’t have any effect on your driving ability and you can consume them at any time of day.

Is CBD addictive?

No, it’s not. Here’s a summary by Newsweekor if you like reading long reports from the World Health Organisation, try this one. Enjoy!

Is it safe to take CBD during pregnancy?

Congratulations! The health of you and your baby are paramount, and any supplements are something you should discuss with your doctor. From what we know, there are plenty of reasons that CBD would be helpful to you through your pregnancy, and we don’t know of any reason why you shouldn’t have CBD.
Remember that only some CBD companies test for impurities, so check the label of anything you buy. Mr. Moxey’s Mints are made from organic ingredients, including our CBD, and each batch undergoes testing for impurities and potency.

Where can I buy Mr. Moxey’s Mints?

You can purchase Mr. Moxey’s Mints through our online store and in selected retailers.

I’d like my local store to carry them. What can I do?

Ask them to send us an email at and we’ll take things from there.

Do you only make mints?

Today, yes, but we have some new products coming out soon. Sign up here to join our mailing list and you’ll be the first to know about them. Meanwhile, check out our sister company, Austin and Kat, who offer CBD-infused pet biscuits.
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