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Proud to Give Back

When we started making Mr. Moxey's way back in the day, we knew that creating  a socially conscious brand meant doing more than raising awareness. We needed to make a tangible difference in people's lives. To accomplish that, we are donating $1 per limited edition Proud Peppermint tin sold as our Giving Mint Pledge to make a difference this Pride Month.

Proud Peppermint Tin

Our company has run a Pride Month fundraising campaign for 6 years now, with last year’s campaign raising almost fifteen thousand dollars to LGBTQ2SIA+ causes from sales in our retail stores of Washington, Oregon, Colorado and California. This year, with the launch of CBD Proud Peppermint in our online store, we hope to surpass that amount from sales in our nationwide footprint. 

Our CBD charitable partner is the Q Center in Portland, Oregon. They are just across town from where we make our mints and this will be the second year they have partnered with Mr. Moxey's for our Pride Charitable campaign. 

Now more than ever, they need our support at a time when most services must  be offered remotely. We encourage you to visit  their website to get involved or make a donation.




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